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The day the junk food industry attempted to block the publication of the Brazilian Dietary Guidelines

13 de novembro de 2019 - Por João Peres

The former Minister of Health explains how he was pressured by Big Food to bury the document, a reference in this area Arthur Chioro had just assumed his role as the Health Minister of Brazil in February 2014 when he was asked to attend an event in Brasilia.  What was meant to be a laid-back […]

“Stranger Things” lurk behind the scenes of the food science industry

7 de agosto de 2019 - Por Moriti Neto

Like the Netflix show: strange things are occurring in the realm of science which has a direct impact on the food you eat

Closed by President Bolsonaro, the council against hunger is fighting to reopen its doors

3 de junho de 2019 - Por Guilherme Zocchio

How a food safety and basic nutrition body committed to lifting Brazil out of the World Hunger Map survives amid its dismantling

Report shows problems in Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Pepsi and Unilever’s social commitments

8 de março de 2019 - Por Guilherme Zocchio

Oxfam’s survey points to failures in the supply chain monitoring of the traders from the most known food brands

Bolsonaro government dismantles key sectors of the fight against hunger in Brazil

12 de fevereiro de 2019 - Por Guilherme Zocchio

Employees of the secretariat of food security are exonerated without receiving explanations

Agreement to reduce sugar in Brazil excludes main products

6 de dezembro de 2018 - Por Redacao

The initiative of the companies in partnership with the Ministry of Health represents a reduction of less than 2% in the ingredient intake

Coca-Cola´s tax planning is international

18 de outubro de 2018 - Por Moriti Neto

Coca-Cola´s tax benefits start “at home”, pass through Brazil and concern the European Union By Moriti Neto and Guilherme Zocchio The British magazine Ethical Consumer, created by an independent group of researchers, activists and journalists, is headquartered in Manchester, England, since 1989. Its priority as a mission is to keep track of the “challenging corporate […]

After 26 years-work, the food pyramid does not want to retire

28 de setembro de 2018 - Por João Peres

One of the most ubiquitous and discussed icons of a human food controversial era remains in force in several countries, despite recommendations in the opposite direction

Trump wants to feed, even if babies are weaned

2 de agosto de 2018 - Por Moriti Neto

Last week in May, Geneva, Switzerland, where the World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Assembly is taking place, with nutrition as the axis for this year. The assembly anticipated a non-controversial discussion about breastfeeding. It was anything but. The debate was replaced by pressure and bullying: “courtesy” of the histrionic Donald Trump administration, who prefer to play to their playground buddies and ignore public interests.

Brazil: Danone provided controversial nutritional guidance to 300,000 children

17 de maio de 2018 - Por João Peres

A project in schools prescribes three servings of cheese, milk or yogurt per day, a recommendation that is not consensual within the scientific community A Danone project has given controversial nutritional guidance to at least 300,000 students in Brazil’s public school system. Despite the promise to talk about healthy habits, the 1, 2, 3 Saúde […]